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Let us light up your life with quality LED neon signs for home, business, weddings, events, & more. We are helping make art accessible with easy-to-design, stylish neon lights. With over 40,000 Neon NationĀ® sign owners we promise you'll love yours just as much as they do! If you don't see a design you like don't worry just design your own!

  • Custom Designed

    Each LED neon sign or artwork is designed in-house by our professional designers.

  • Energy & Cost Efficient

    Low energy consumption, 100,000+ hour lifespan, no heat or noise.

  • Durable

    Latest neon flex technology which is stronger & lighter than glass neon tubes.

  • Easy To Install

    Our high quality backboards feature pre-drilled holes and wiring.

Bring your imagination to life

Here at Neon NationĀ® we pride ourselves on being different. We strive to bring unique bold signs and colors at a great price. All neon signs are handmade individually to ensure perfection.



What are they made out of?

These are modern day neon signs. what does that mean you ask? Neon NationĀ® utilizes LED lights to make a brighter, safer, and more cost effective sign.

How are they made?

All of our signs are hand made using LED lights and custom engraving technology.

How long do they last?

Our signs have been tested to last over 50,000 hours. That is over 2000 days of continuous use!